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The following features specifically apply to each of the selected software. You are welcome to explore each of the features by clicking on the Software name.

Vision GL

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Vision GL is an Accounting System that covers daily transactions, Journal, Ledger, Sub Ledger, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss report. Reports can be viewed and printed daily or monthly.

Features :


  • Vision GL can receive auto journal transactions from our Softwares such as Vision SV, Vision SP and Vision BP to minimize manual input.

Verified Transaction

  • Data can be verified so that even Users with Edit access cannot modify them.

Real-time Reports

  • Real-time reports can be generated any time without extra intermediate processing. For example, once a daily transactions are entered (manually or automatically from Auto Journal), reports such as Sub Ledger can be produced without processing Journal reports and vice versa.

Simple, Concise but Clear Reports

  • Reports are made simple, concise but clear.

Long Enough Document Number

  • Each transaction is given up to 15 digits transaction or document number.

Comparisons with Previous Month

  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports for this month have comparison with their previous month.

Detailed Profit and Loss reports

  • Profit and Loss reports can be designed for up to 4 divisions in the company. For example, a company may have one Balance Sheet report but have 4 Profit and Loss reports for its 4 divisions:
    1. Unit Sales
    2. Service and Repair
    3. Spare Parts
    4. Body and Paint.

There are many more Features of Vision GL and can be shown during presentation.