vision title General Features

The following features apply to all our Softwares in general :


  • Very easy to use. We keep things simple.

Multi User

  • Can be used simultaneously by many users.

Detailed User Access

  • Each user can be managed to access certain parts of the Software. In addition, the User Access can be managed into button level such as View, Edit, Delete, Print, Close, Unclose, etc. For example, a User can be given View access to view Master Customer but cannot edit the data if he/she is not given the Edit access.

No Double Entry

  • Once the data is entered into the database, it will flow through other parts of the Software without double entry.

Smart and Fast Search

  • Our Search Engine can search the data fast based on several combination of search criteria.

Stay Fast after many years

  • Most Softwares in the market tend to get noticeably slower after many years of usage. We design our Softwares and Database Structures to allow the Softwares performance to remain fast even after a long time.

Real-time Reports

  • Reports can be viewed in real-time without any extra intermediate processing.
  • Reports are easy to read and presented daily and/or monthly.

Image/Picture Ready

  • Sometimes item names are not enough to represent the item. You can have a picture ready and associate it with that item to make it clear.

Modifiable Forms/Invoice Layout

  • Most printed forms are assigned up to 4 places for signatures and titles of persons signing them.
  • Some notes or memos in the forms or invoices printed can be added by a User that has an access privilege to the Form Setting.


  • Reports can be exported to EXCEL format or printed into PDF format.